This week in Thunder Run, and all other Battlehouse Games: our on-site Forums will be archived and will be officially replaced with the new Thunder Run Discord Server, which offers exciting benefits like voice chat, better moderation features, and official “Ask a Dev” events. Clan HQ will also be closing down at a later date.

Forums Transition to Discord

Effective this Wednesday, October 30th: the Forums will be put into “archive mode” and will no longer be allowing new posts. The forums will remain in read-only status so that various popular player guides and feedback records will still be accessible for your reference.

A banner at the top of the forums will re-direct everyone to our official Thunder Run Discord Server where our Community and Design teams will continue to participate in chats with the player-base, and continue to log all player feedback for future game design considerations.

Clan HQ Transition to Discord

At a later “to be decided” date, Clan HQ will also be shutting down and redirecting players to Discord in a similar fashion.

Players who routinely use Clan HQ are encouraged to start using the Thunder Run Discord Server as we work towards finalizing this transition. Clan HQ users from other Battlehouse Games will find an “Other Battlehouse Games” section in the list of available Discord channels where they can continue chatting about their favorite Battlehouse game in the appropriate game channel as they were in Clan HQ.

If there is enough player demand for any particular Battlehouse Game other than Thunder Run, the Community team may choose to create separate dedicated Discord servers for other games.

More information about the specific date of the Clan HQ migration will be coming soon.

Good hunting, Commanders! Forums/Clan HQ Community Moving To Discord