New this week in Thunder Run:

Level 16 Elite Rifleman/Mortarman

Heads up, Commander! The Level 16 Elite Rifleman and Elite Mortarman are here.

As with the recent max unit level increases, your Level 16 Elite Riflemen/Mortarmen will feature improved stats and no increase in battalion space requirements. As with any improvement in power, there is an increase in cost, production time, and repair time.

The best part about it? No blueprints are required for upgrading. As long as you have TOC12 and the new building levels for your Academy and Barracks, you can upgrade away!

L15 -> L16 Elite Rifleman Stats
L15 -> L16 Elite Mortarman Stats

Elite AH-1Z Cobra/OH-58 Kiowa Updates

In response to recent player feedback, you’ll have more room for Elite AH-1Zs going forward. Their space requirements have dropped from 200 to 70.

Your Elite OH-58F pilots were getting a little jealous, so your grease monkeys whipped up a few improvements. Space requirements have dropped from 160 to 115. Their hit points have also dramatically increased.

Your Elite AH-64s haven’t changed just yet, but be warned: your mechanics report that they simply can’t maintain a size requirement of 70 on these bad boys forever. On January 2, 2020, the space requirement will rise from 70 to 140. 

Return of the “Mercenary” Stinger Gunner to AI Bases

And that’s not all, Commanders! All former Elite Stinger Gunners on single player and regional map bases have been replaced by Mercenary Stinger Gunners. These mercenaries aren’t nearly as badass as your Elite Stinger Gunners, but they’re about the same as the old Elite Stinger Gunners. Watch out for blast damage! The new defense shield on the Elite AH-1Z will help against these, so maybe field a couple of them?

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Good hunting, Commanders!

TR: Level 16 Elite Rifleman/Mortarman, Elite AH-1Z Cobra/OH-58F Kiowa Updates, and more – December 19th Patch Notes