This weekend in Thunder Run:

Elite Weekend Warrior Event

Weekend Warriors Unite!

Starting Saturday April 18th at 8am GMT, until Monday April 20th at 8am GMT: enjoy an extra buffed global 15% boost on all earned ONP for a limited time!

And that’s not all, Commander! You also get a special “work-in-progress” Elite Javelin Gunner package containing one-time use experimental Elite Javelin Gunner units. The elite units are given during the Daily Login Rewards, and will be claimable for 36 hours. Once you have them, they will last until they are destroyed.

Be sure to try out the unit’s new “Riot Shield” mechanic that greatly boosts unit defense at the expense of killing the unit’s speed. Press the “E” key on your keyboard to activate the ability (note: it has a cool down and can only be activated once per battle).

What do you guys think of the Elite Javelin Gunner? Want to see us get it back into the development pipeline sooner than later? Let us know on Discord!

Watch Battlehouse Stream Team member Macgyver7th try out the Elite Javelin Gunner here:

Kongregate Re-launch Reminder

Thunder Run is going cross-platform! And it all starts with the merger of our long separated Facebook Gaming and Kongregate Thunder Run game worlds. Next Tuesday, April 21st, 2020 around 17:00 GMT, “Thunder Run: War of Clans” on will be taken off of, and a new version of the game titled “Thunder Run: Global Warfare” will go live.

As a reminder: The new version will retire all Kongregate specific game maps, and merge all Kongregate players into the various regional maps that are available on the Facebook version of the game.

  • Please note that any browser bookmarks or shortcuts you currently have set for Thunder Run: War of Clans on Kongregate will need to be reset after April 21st as a fresh version of the game (Thunder Run: Global Warfare) will be uploaded to (note: Facebook players are not affected by this update).
  • Rest assured, all base progress currently obtained in the current Kongregate Thunder Run: War of Clans game world will carry over to Thunder Run: Global Warfare after the re-launch is complete.
  • Think you’ve got what it takes to be the Undisputed Ruler of Gundar? Prove it against the world!

What’s next in the cross-platform project AKA “Project New Horizons”? Check out the Battlehouse Dev Blog.

Would you like to see us do these types of weekend based boosts more often? What do you guys think about us doubling the bonus from 10 – 15%? Let us know over on our Thunder Run Discord Server.

Happy Friday, Commanders! And good hunting!

TR: Elite Weekend Warrior Event – April 18th-20th, 2020