Key Terms:

AI Camps – Computer controlled bases that are placed around the regional map. Destroying these bases with your battalions may randomly provide you with special rewards.

Base Defenders – Your first and primary battalion that you start the game with. Units in your Base Defenders battalion will actively guard your home base, and can also be used to attack computer controlled enemies during in-game events.

Battalion – An organized group of units. “Base Defenders” is an example of a battalion. Additional battalions can be created throughout the game and deployed onto the regional map to fight other players and AI Camps.

Blueprint – A premium item that once earned, can be activated to provide you access to special unit types. Blueprints can typically be earned as rewards for completing a regular or global weekly event.

Damage Protection (DP) – Refers to the state of your base when it can’t be attacked by rival players. When online, your base is always in damage protection. You can also earn varying durations of damage protection by purchasing shields from the in-game store.

Global Events – Occasional weekly events that provide you access to the “Global Events Store” for the entire duration of the event (1-week).

Ops Needs Points (ONP) – This special type of in-game currency can be collected from global events, and stored in your warehouse. Ops Needs Points can be redeemed in the global event store for various special items such as new blueprints.

PVE – This acronym stands for Player versus Environment. This describes the areas of game play that involve players taking on challenges designed by Battlehouse. Essentially, it’s single player.

PVP – This acronym stands for Player versus Player. This describes the areas of game play that involves players facing off against each other. Essentially, it’s multi-player.

Quarry – A special type of base on the regional map that contains only resource buildings, generators, and defensive buildings. A quarry can be conquered by destroying all the defensive buildings with a battalion, at which point the quarry falls under your control. When you control a quarry, you receive a resource bonus at your home base dependent on the resource type associated with the specific quarry.

Regional Map – An in-game map that allows you to travel around with your battalions to find other player’s bases, AI bases, quarries, and strongpoints. You can access the regional map by clicking the “Attack” button followed by “Multiplayer”. Click here to read more.

Strongpoint – A special type of quarry that offers additional resource bonuses to your clan when your clan controls the most strongpoints on a particular map. A strongpoint can be identified by zooming all the way out on your regional map, and looking for any quarries that glow red.

Tactical Ops Center (TOC) – This building is your primary headquarters at home base.

Turret Emplacement – The primary building for defending your base. Each Turret Emplacement can be equipped with a Turret Weapon to wreak havoc on enemy units. The level of the Turret Emplacement determines the health of the building. Click here to read more.

Turret Weapon – Immobile weapon used to defend your base. Turret Weapons are equipped to a Turret Emplacement. The level of a Turret Weapon determines its effectiveness. Click here to read more.