New this week in War Star Empire:

The “Lone Warrior” Boost

Attention, Commanders! Some of you may have noticed a little buff called the “Lone Warrior.” What is this, you may ask? Well, we acknowledged that a lot of you have slogged through the warzones alone for so long, and we believe you deserve a little bonus. Since last week, we’ve introduced, the “Lone Warrior” boost!

Commanders going it alone without alts have their unit space limit, unit repair speed, and battalion travel speed will have a small boost!

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Alt-Capping in Alt-Allowed maps

Some maps in the game are being updated with account limits.

  • Highlands and Midlands are limited to one account each
  • Lowlands are limited to five accounts on the map at the same time

This means one player can only have up to 7 accounts in the whole game. Any junior account over this limit will be transferred to the non-map by the map policing system.

Junior vs senior is determined by the following criteria:

  • Money spent. More money = higher rank (we assume you prefer this account if you spend more money on it)
  • Creation date. Older account = higher rank (it’s senior) User ID number.
  • Lower ID number = higher rank (it’s senior)

Anyone with accounts over the limits can contact support if they prefer a junior account to a senior. We can ban any accounts you don’t want so you have room to move back to the map of your choice.

New “Missile Components” system

“Missile Components” are now available to loot from enemy bases and as prizes and will replace all old style missiles in the loot system. When you have a Missile Component in your warehouse, your Missile Silo crafts its next missile instantaneously and for no resources, consuming only the Missile Component in the process.

No more waiting required! Just pick the missile you want, click craft, and it’s slotted in.

Shockwave Missile upgrades

Heads up, Commander! Our engineers just had a breakthrough on our Shockwave Missiles, and they can now have that little extra kick to them. The Shockwave Missile level cap has been increased to Level 13!

L13 Shockwave Missile Stats and Requirements

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Have new feedback to share? Let us know over in the “war-star-empire” channel within our Thunder Run Discord Server.

Good hunting, Commanders!

WSE: Missile Components, Shockwave Missile, Lone Warrior Boost, and more – June 3rd Patch Notes