An MRAP vehicle gets blasted in a U.S. military test

Following on the previous improvements to anti-infantry mines in Thunder Run and Days of Valor, the following new changes take effect today:

Anti-Armor Mine Updates

  • Anti-Armor mines can now be upgraded to Level 19 for increased damage and splash range.
    • L19 mines are capable of destroying any BRDM-3 or low-level M1 Abrams tanks in one hit!
  • Production of Anti-Armor mines is now 20-30% faster at all levels.
  • However, to balance the faster production time, Anti-Armor mines now do 20-30% less damage when they explode.

More patches are likely in the future as the landmine design work continues.

Good hunting, Commanders!

New Anti-Tank Mine Levels and Balance Update – February 15 Patch Notes