New this week in Days of Valor:

Double Hardware Loot

  • This week only: Earn twice the normal amount of Hardware loot from Giancarlo’s Merchant Single Player bases and Berkman’s camps on the Multiplayer map.

Hardware Prizes: Blueprints and More

  • Check the Hardware Prizes Store for new Hardware offers this week, including:
    • Turret Weapon Blueprints Levels 13-14 and 15-16
      • MG Tower
      • Mortar Emplacement
      • TOW Emplacement
    • Special Unit Blueprints
      • BMP-1
      • Panzer IV
      • MQ-8B
      • MSTA
      • Mi-24 Hind
      • TOS-1A
    • Elite Unit Blueprints
      • Elite Panzer IV
      • Elite SdKfz 234
      • Elite Ka-50
      • Elite Mi-24 Hind
      • Elite TOS-1A

Quarry Updates

  • Starting August 17, half as many Quarries will spawn in each map, but the resource collection rate from each Quarry will double. This change is intended to stimulate more competition to dominate quarry ownership.

Good hunting, Commanders!

DoV: Double Hardware Loot and New Prizes – August 17 Patch Notes