New this week in Thunder Run:

Double Hardware Loot

  • This week only: Earn twice the normal amount of Hardware loot from Giancarlo’s Merchant Single Player bases and Berkman’s camps on the Multiplayer map.

Hardware Prizes: Blueprints and More

  • Check the Hardware Prizes Store for new Hardware offers this week, including:
    • Turret Weapon Blueprints Levels 13-14 and 15-16
      • MG Tower
      • Mortar Emplacement
      • TOW Emplacement
    • Special Unit Blueprints
      • BMP-1
      • T-90
      • MQ-8B
      • MSTA
      • Mi-24 Hind
      • TOS-1A
    • Elite Unit Blueprints
      • Elite T-90
      • Elite BTR-90
      • Elite Ka-50
      • Elite Mi-24 Hind
      • Elite TOS-1A

Good hunting, Commanders!

TR: Double Hardware Loot and New Prizes – August 17 Patch Notes