New this week in Days of Valor:

Elite Truck Bomb Update

The Elite Truck Bomb gains two improvements to make it more effective for killing Turret Emplacements:

  • Double HP at all levels
  • Anti-turret armor: the Elite Truck Bomb now takes 25% less damage from turret shots
    • Displayed as a new Turret Armor stat on the Upgrade & Unlock menu

Mine Defense Upgrades

  • The Mine Defense stat on blueprint-based units can now be upgraded to Level 6, reducing damage taken from landmines by 30%.

New XP Levels

As announced earlier this week, players can now reach up to XP Level 75.

For details on the XP level expansion, open and view the original announcement.

Good hunting, Commanders!

DoV: Elite Truck Bomb gains anti-turret role, plus new Mine Defense Levels – October 26 Patch Notes