New this week in Days of Valor:

Event Prizes Sale

Blueprint sale

Two of the most popular units in Days of Valor are on sale this week!

  • TOS-1A: 25% ONP discount
  • Elite Ka-50: 25% ONP discount

Check for these blueprints under Store → Event Prizes.

Renegade Loot Increase

This week only, receive double the usual amount of ONP from Single-Player bases in the Renegade event.

Bonus loot ends Thursday, May 10!

Renegade Single Player Loot

Single-Player Level ONP Loot
Renegade L1 2,000
Renegade L2 2,400
Renegade L3 2,800
Renegade L4 3,200
Renegade L5 3,600
Renegade L6 4,000
Renegade L7 4,600
Renegade L8 5,200
Renegade L9 5,800
Renegade L10 6,400
Renegade L11 7,000
Deadlight L12 7,600
Renegade L13 8,400
Renegade L14 9,200
Renegade L15 10,000
Renegade L16 10,800
Renegade L17 11,600
Renegade L18 12,400
Renegade L19 13,400
Renegade L20 14,400
Renegade L21 17,000
Renegade L22 20,000
Renegade L23 25,000
Renegade L24 30,000
Total 236,800

Good hunting, Commanders!

DV: Renegade Loot Boost, TOS-1A and Elite Ka-50 Sale – May 3 Patch Notes