New this week in Days of Valor:

Season 7 Updates (The Rise of General Bischoff)

Welcome to Season 7! Going into the new season, all Leaderboards and PvP Points are reset, meaning that it’s a fresh start for YOUR Clan to be the new the dominating Clan of Gundar, and win the Seasonal Clan Tournament Grand Prize of 10,000 Gold for your Clan at the end of the Season in 3 months from now. Does your Clan have what it takes?

To recap, here are just some of the exciting things you can expect to see this season:

  • More World War II Unit Models! 🎖
  • New Units! 🚁
  • New Unit Equipment Sets! 🔫
  • Improved Weekly Events w/ Increased Rewards! 🎪
  • More Livestreaming! 🎥
  • More Opportunities to Earn Free Loot! 💰

This Week: Tempest Event Loot Update

In this week’s special event, all Tempest (Wolf) single-player levels now give double Fuel/Supply and +50% ONP loot.

Plus, on the map, all Wolf bases now contain 30% more ONP loot.

These updates bring the risk/reward balance for the Tempest event more in line with other top Days of Valor special events.

Single-Player Bases

Single-Player Level ONP Loot
Tempest L1 3,000
Tempest L2 6,000
Tempest L3 9,000
Tempest L4 10,500
Tempest L5 13,500
Tempest L6 18,000
Tempest L7 24,000
Tempest L8 30,000
Tempest L9 37,500
Tempest L10 45,000
Tempest L11 56,250
Tempest L12 67,500
Total 320,250

Map Bases

Map Base Fuel/Supply Loot ONP Loot
Wolf L26 1.1m/1.1m 19,000
Wolf L30 1.8m/1.8m 26,000
Wolf L34 2.2m/2.2m 39,000
Wolf L38 2.4m/2.4m 52,000

This Week: New Unit Equipment

Gundar Arms Industries is rolling out a new set of Unit Equipment for the Elite AH-1, available this week on the front page of the Event Prizes Store:

  • Elite AH-1 Laser Sights I – Laser homing technology that increase range by +3%
  • Elite AH-1 Ballistic Armor MK I – Improved armor coating reduces damage taken by -10%
  • Elite AH-1 AP Ammunition I – The newest grade armor-piercing ammunition increases damage by +7%

A Message From General Bischoff

“2 years ago, during one of the very first Clan Tournaments on Gundar, a top-secret Nazi Experiment codenamed “Die Glocke” allowed my platoon to travel here to Gundar from a much better time: 1945. Gundar Arms Industries wasn’t very welcoming to our glorious technology of the old, but that’s not going to stop us from taking Gundar over again. The revolution is far from over.

Now, back on Gundar with more glorious technology of the old, my platoon has taken over several of Gundar Arms Industries material production outposts, and from this day forth, production is going to be a little bit different here on Gundar. Starting today, Commanders of Gundar: say “Goodbye” to your precious Gaz Tigrs, BRMD-3s, TOS-1As, and BMP-1s – and say hello to the Adler Kfz 13s, Sherman Flamethrower Tanks, Panzerwerfer 42s, and M4A1s! I hope your Riflemen and Javelin Gunners will like the new weaponry and outfits we’re producing for the entirety of Gundar now as well. Much more… “Glory Era Appropiate!” if I do say so myself.

It is time for me to rebuild my lost Empire. I give no quarter, no mercy, and no chance for escape. With my trusty sidekick Captain Wolf by my side for the week, I will mine the entirety of Gundar for all of it’s ONP, so that I may amass an army of outposts and factories designed to continue my ultimate mission of “Making Gundar Great Again!

Defeat our forces, and the spoils shall be revealed. Fail, and you shall perish beneath my deadly gaze.”
~General Friedrich Bischoff

Good hunting, commanders!

DV: Welcome to Season 7, Tempest Event Loot Update, New Unit Equipment – June 28 Patch Notes