New this week in Days of Valor:

Welcome to Season 8

Welcome to Season 8! Going into the new season, all Leaderboards and PvP Points are reset, meaning that it’s a fresh start for YOUR Clan to be the new the dominating Clan of Gundar, and win the Seasonal Clan Tournament Grand Prize of 10,000 Gold for your Clan at the end of the Season in 3 months from now. Does your Clan have what it takes?

Nimr Blueprints

Here’s a familiar face that’s had a little work done. Engineers from the United Arab Emirates took everyone’s favorite Russian armored vehicle and released a scaled-down version optimized for desert combat. The Nimr, popular across North Africa, has landed on Gundar. Armed with a TOW Missile Launcher and some serious speed, this vehicle is perfect for taking out those infamous armored artillery units. Think you can handle the Nimr’s lightning speed?

Features Include:

  • Your drivers may be tempted to go drag racing in the desert. Check the mileage when they get home. The already-speedy Nimr gains a 15% speed buff when fighting on desert maps. This boost does not apply to battalion travel speed.
  • The Nimr is equipped with a variable ordinance missile launcher. Currently it can only load anti-tank missiles, but with some modification it may eventually be able to launch anti-air missiles as well… Maybe it needs a coat of red paint.
  • Heavy armor-piercing ammunition – this stuff blasts right through buildings without detonating and only scorches the eyebrows of enemy infantry, but will completely gut a heavy armored vehicle. Make sure to bring escorts if your Nimrs will face infantry.

To start building Nimrs, upgrade your Maintenance Bay to Level 8 and purchase the blueprints during the Scorpion ONP Event.

Updates to MG Turrets

We have such an abundance of heavy machine gun ammunition that your MG Turret gunners have been instructed to “spray ‘n pray”. They’re going to start shooting at targets much further out than before, though they will not score as many hits until the enemy is inside their previous target radius.

  • All MG Turrets have had their previous range converted to an effective range. This means they will score 100% damage at their old range, and will do partial damage out to the new, longer maximum range.
  • All MG Turrets now have a maximum range that is 25% higher than their effective range. Damage falls off linearly from 100% at the effective range to 0% at the new maximum range.

To celebrate, we’ve discounted the L11-12 Machine Gun Turret Blueprint down to 15,000 ONP for this week only. If you haven’t upgraded your towers before, now’s a great time to start!

Updates to Barriers

We’ve been tinkering with our barrier setups, Commander. One of our engineers came up with a new concrete recipe using local mineral deposits, so our HESCO Barriers are much tougher than they were before. They should stand up much better to most weapons.

  • All barriers have had their hit points significantly increased.
  • Sappers and Truck Bombs do increased damage against barriers.
  • Level 15 barriers are now available for TOC level 10+

Elite AH-64 L1 Unit Equipment

Gundar Arms Industries is rolling out a new set of Unit Equipment for the Elite AH-64, available this week on the front page of the Event Prizes Store:

  • Elite AH-64 Laser Sights I – Laser homing technology that increase range by +3%
  • Elite AH-64 Ballistic Armor MK I – Improved armor coating reduces damage taken by -10%
  • Elite AH-64 Ammunition I – The newest grade armor-piercing ammunition increases damage by +7%

Welcome to Season 8, Commander! Time to get building.

DV: Welcome to Season 8! New Nimr Unit, and Lots More! – October 4th Patch Notes