New this week in Thunder Run:

Level 13 Rifleman

Who says special forces are the only ones with the cool toys? Your regular troops have been hitting the gym and the firing range with gusto, Commander. Your Riflemen report that they’re ready for some advanced assignments.

  • Significantly improved stats!
  • No increase in unit space!

The Level 13 Rifleman upgrade requires a blueprint that can only be purchased during Hardware Event Weeks in the Hardware Prize Store. This is the first of a series of catch-up mechanic boosts we’ll be giving to our core units.

Level 13 Rifleman Stats

Nemo’s Nimr Unit Pre-release Livestream

Want to see a live demo of the upcoming all new Nimr Unit in action? Come watch Battlehouse Streaming Partner Nemo 7 hours from now show off next week’s release on his YouTube channel! The Nimr will available to all players on Thursday, October 18th.

Livestream Details

  • Livestream starts at 12:00am GMT (5:00pm PST / 8:00pm EST)!
  • Livestream will be accessible via Nemo’s YouTube channel.
  • Battlehouse Community Manager Commander Cameron will be active in the comments of Nemo’s Livestream to answer player questions and take player feedback. Come let us know what you think about the new coming soon unit!
  • TR: Level 13 Rifleman, Nemo’s Nimr Unit Pre-release Livestream Later Tonight! – October 11th Patch Notes