New this week in Days of Valor:

Level 13 Rifleman

Who says special forces are the only ones with the cool toys? Your regular troops have been hitting the gym and the firing range with gusto, Commander. Your Riflemen report that they’re ready for some advanced assignments.

  • Significantly improved stats!
  • No increase in unit space!

The Level 13 Rifleman upgrade requires a blueprint that can only be purchased during Hardware Event Weeks in the Hardware Prize Store. This is the first of a series of catch-up mechanic boosts we’ll be giving to our core units.

Level 13 Rifleman Stats

Anti-Infantry Mine Buff

Commander, our base defenses have always had difficulty standing up to massed enemy units. There’s a long, hard road ahead of us to reach a level playing field, but our engineers have boosted the Anti-Infantry Mine’s effectiveness.

Starting at level 11, mine damage, trigger range, and blast radius have all received a major upgrade. I’d like to see the enemy crawl through our defenses when their legs have been blown off… on second thought, I think I’d rather not see that…

Stats Breakdown:

  • Level 11-16 Anti-Infantry Mine trigger ranges have all been boosted by 10%
  • Level 11-16 Anti-Infantry Mine splash radius has been boosted by 5% across the board.
  • Level 11-16 Anti-Infantry Mine damage levels have been adjusted to compete with elite infantry available at equivalent TOC and research research building levels.

The Level 11 Anti-Infantry Mine requires aLevel 5 TOC and a Level 10 Weapons Lab. The Level 16 Anti-Air Mine requires TOC level 10 TOC and a Level 13 Weapons Lab. Your workers are standing by, Commander.

DV: Level 13 Rifleman, L11-L16 Anti-Infantry Mine Buff – October 11th Patch Notes