New this week in Days of Valor:

UH-60 Blackhawk L6 Stats

The UH-60 Blackhawk L6 Stats Blueprint is now available in the Event Prizes store, allowing you to upgrade the Blackhawk’s Health, Damage, Mine Defense, and Blast Defense stats to Level 6. Unlock the blueprint as part of this week’s ONP Event by spending ONP in the Event Prizes store!

Skywatch Company Strike Teams

Skywatch Company is ready to roll out, Commander. These boys delight in making sure nothing else can roll out. Three squads are ready to deploy to your Ambush Points. You can now upgrade your Ambush Point to allow you to field Vanguard, Roadblock, and Skywatch Companies at the same time.

  • Able Squad fields eight Rifleman and three Panzerschrecks, plus an addtional Panzerschreck if you field the entire company.
  • Bravo Squad’s spotters field seven Panzerschrecks and three Snipers, plus an additional Sniper if you field the entire company.
  • Charlie Squad’s logistics team fields eight Snipers and three Panzerschrecks, plus an MQ-8B spotter drone if you field the entire company.

Don’t forget, your Strike Teams get stronger as you upgrade their component units. Be sure to take advantage of the recent level 13 unit blueprints in the Hardware Store for a considerable strength boost.

DV: New UH-60 Blackhawk L6 Stats, Skywatch Company Strike Teams – February 21st Patch Notes