New this week in Thunder Run:

New UH-60 Blackhawk Unit

Air Cavalry, mount up! The UH-60 Blackhawk is ready for deployment, Commander. This tough troop transport is a capable anti-infantry gunship in its own right, but it can also deploy a variety of ground troops to smash through whatever defensive strategy the enemy deploys. The troop compartment does need repairs between deployments, but our grease monkeys assure us that they can handle it. Obtain all the necessary sub-component blueprints before the ONP Event ends. But beware. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

  • Press the ‘E’ key to deploy your troops at the time and place of your choosing. They’ll still deploy if the Blackhawk is shot down, but will suffer a 50% hit point penalty.
  • All UH-60 Blackhawks deploy Riflemen, and deploy Elite Riflemen at level 15.
  • Buy air-dropped troops to supplement the UH-60’s payload. An equip with four Machine Gunners is given for free when you first unlock the unit.
  • Unlock Level 6 before the event week ends, or be capped at Level 5! The blueprint and sub-component are cheaper to help out with this.
  • You will have enough time to unlock all five levels before the event ends, so long as you crush your enemies and obtain ONP quickly.

Be wary, Commander! Intel reports that the enemy is already fielding UH-60 Blackhawks at several of their bases!

Roadblock Company Strike Teams

Roadblock Company is ready to roll out, Commander. These boys delight in making sure nothing else can roll out. Three squads are ready to deploy to your Ambush Points. You can now upgrade your Ambush Point to allow you to field Vanguard Company and Roadblock Company at the same time.

  • Able Squad fields six Machine Gunners and five Panzerschrecks, plus a sixth Panzerschreck if you field the entire company.
  • Bravo Squad’s spotters field six Panzerschrecks and five Mortarmen, plus an MQ-8B spotter drone if you field the entire company.
  • Charlie Squad’s logistics team fields eight Panzerschrecks and three Riflemen, plus a GPW if you field the entire company.

Don’t forget, your Strike Teams get stronger as you upgrade their component units. Be sure to take advantage of the recent level 13 unit blueprints in the Hardware Store for a considerable strength boost.

Good hunting, Commanders!

TR: New UH-60 Blackhawk Unit, Roadblock Company Strike Teams – February 21st Patch Notes