New this week in Days of Valor:

Elite M26 Pershing

The grease-monkeys at Gundar Arms Industries have officially outdone themselves this time. Say hello to the Elite M26 Pershing: a monstrous new powerhouse elite unit reserved for only the ‘True Kings of Battle’. Do you have what it takes to prove that you’re the King of Kings?

Features Include:

  • Activate the turbo-chargers for “maximum overdrive”! Press the ‘E’ key to gain a 200% speed boost for 3 seconds. They have a 4 minute cooldown, so boost wisely! I wonder who would win in a drag race between the Elite Pershing and a Nimr?
  • At lower levels, this damage-soaking hunk of armor can rumble it’s way into a base, lure enemies to cluster around it, and then zoom out of range while your long-ranged support units send in barrages of area of effect fire.
  • At higher levels, it’s splash damage radius comes into play, so it can hammer clustered enemies with its own area of effect fire.

If you don’t obtain the L7 Blueprint before the ONP Event ends, you will be capped at L6 until the Blueprint returns. The Blueprint and Sub-components are cheaper to help out with this, and you will have enough time to unlock all seven levels before the event ends, so long as you crush your enemies and obtain ONP quickly.

If you miss out on the unlock, never fear. We will be fully unlocking the Elite M26 Pershing later this year for players who don’t complete the upgrades on time. Your technological edge will only last so long, so you’d better take advantage of it!

AH-64 Apache Strike Squadrons

Get ready to light up more alert beacons, Commander! The AH-64 Apache Strike Squadrons are here. These reserve AH-64’s will give the enemy a nasty surprise. Deploy up to two AH-64 Strike Squadrons to your Ambush Points!

AH-64 Apache Strike Squadrons can be upgraded in your Weapons Lab. At Level 1, three AH-64’s deploy when the Ambush Point is triggered. You can currently research up to Level 5, which will result in seven AH-64’s deploying when the Ambush Point is triggered.

Even if the enemy retreats, the deployed AH-64’s will remain until destroyed or you return to repair your base. Don’t forget, Strike Team and Strike Squadron units benefit from equips and unit levels.

Head to the Event Prize Store to purchase your AH-64 Apache Strike Squadron blueprints, and 2 AH-64 Strike Squad units now!

Good hunting, Commanders!

DV: Elite M26 Pershing, AH-64 Apache Strike Squadrons – May 16th Patch Notes