New this week in Thunder Run:

AH-64 Apache Strike Squadrons

Get ready to light up more alert beacons, Commander! The AH-64 Apache Strike Squadrons are here. These reserve AH-64’s will give the enemy a nasty surprise. Deploy up to two AH-64 Strike Squadrons to your Ambush Points!

AH-64 Apache Strike Squadrons can be upgraded in your Weapons Lab. At Level 1, three AH-64’s deploy when the Ambush Point is triggered. You can currently research up to Level 5, which will result in seven AH-64’s deploying when the Ambush Point is triggered.

Even if the enemy retreats, the deployed AH-64’s will remain until destroyed or you return to repair your base. Don’t forget, Strike Team and Strike Squadron units benefit from equips and unit levels.

Head to the Event Prize Store to purchase your AH-64 Apache Strike Squadron blueprints, and 2 AH-64 Strike Squad units now!

Good hunting, Commanders!

TR: AH-64 Strike Squadrons – May 16th Patch Notes