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Welcome to Season 15!

Welcome to Season 15! Going into the new season, all Leaderboards and PvP Points are reset, meaning that it’s a fresh start for YOUR Clan to be the new the dominating Clan of Gundar, and win the Seasonal Clan Tournament Grand Prize of 10,000 Gold for your Clan at the end of the Season in 3 months from now. Does your Clan have what it takes?

REMINDER: New Anti-VPN rules and detection systems go into effect. This means all anti-alt maps are now anti-VPN maps. Anyone using a VPN will be automatically kicked off the anti-alt/anti-VPN map. We accept case-by-case petitions for VPN access to anti-alt/anti-vpn maps for one account per player. Please contact support if you’d like to be whitelisted.

“Ruthless” Battle Replay Contest

Think you’ve got what it takes to prove you’re the Master of the Ruthless Event? Post a link to a Battle Replay of you fighting the last level in the Ruthless ONP Event as a comment on this post on our Days of Valor Facebook Page, no later than Friday, July 17th at 17:00 GMT to become eligible to win BIG prizes! 💰

BEWARE: The difficulty on the final level for Warlord has been temporarily increased for the contest, and replays that contain the use of consumable range boosts will not be accepted (boosts provided by unit equipment is allowed).

The players who either destroy the Tactical Ops Center the fastest (in one attack), or in the rare event that no one could destroy the TOC, receives the highest percentage of Base Damage in the first attack wave, will be declared the winners on July 17th, 2020.

NOTE: To post a Battle Replay link, click the “B” icon at the top of your game to open your “Battle Log”, click “View Log” next to the battle you want to share, followed by “View Replay”. Once the replay loads, click the “Get Link” button and paste the link as a comment on this post on our Days of Valor Facebook Page.


  • 1st Place: 2,000 Gold, your choice of 200k ONP or Hardware, and your replay will be featured on our Battlehouse YouTube channel
  • 2nd Place: 1,000 Gold, and your choice of 100k ONP or Hardware
  • 3rd Place: 750 Gold, and your choice of 75k ONP or Hardware
  • 4th – 10th: Your choice of 50k ONP or Hardware
    • If there is enough interest in this competition, and/or we receive a lot more total submissions than 10, we will consider breaking down additional prize tiers based on attacker TOC level.

Sniper L2 Unit Equipment

Gundar Arms Industries is rolling out more upgradeable weapons technologies. Purchase more Level 1 equipment sets in the ONP Store, and combine the parts in the Weapons Factory to make all new Level 2 sets! This week the Sniper are getting some new gear.

  • Sniper Laser Sights II – AN/PEQ-2 IR Laser Sight technology that increases range by 5%
  • Sniper Ballistic Armor MK II – Improved kevlar that reduces damage taken by 10%
  • Sniper GMC AP Ammunition II – The newest grade armor-piercing ammunition that increases damage by 10%
  • Also adds set bonuses to give Sniper the 80% FASCAM shielding that the old shield equipment set had.

Collect the entire Level 2 Unit Equipment set to boost your Unit Equipment bonuses even higher!

Season 14 Tournament Winners

  • Evil Machine Killers – 5,196 Points

1 – COL. BRAHIM1 L39 with 1684 points WINS 1000 Gold
2 – Hossam L39 with 1484 points WINS 1000 Gold
3 – Ashraf L35 with 1253 points WINS 1000 Gold
4 – GEN. ابوسامرالفيومي L73 with 977 points WINS 1000 Gold
5 – محمد L34 with 843 points WINS 1000 Gold
6 -Gabriel L39 L56 with 686 points WINS 1000 Gold
7 – Basim L62 with 523 points WINS 1000 Gold
8 – GEN. metalhead L63 with 396 points WINS 1000 Gold
9 – greece L70 with 393 points WINS 1000 Gold
10 – ALFA-ONE L65 with 317 points WINS 1000 Gold

  • DAKAR FRIENDS – 4,954 Points

1 – Fast L37 with 3324 points WINS 500 Gold
2 – Arabs-eagle L37 with 998 points WINS 500 Gold
3 – COL. jackdpunsher L38 with 712 points WINS 500 Gold
4 – LTC. نايف L39 with 556 points WINS 500 Gold
5 – Walied L37 with 546 points WINS 500 Gold
6 – Osama L35 with 535 points WINS 500 Gold
7 – GEN. مصري L60 with 389 points WINS 500 Gold
8 – 3131 L61 with 335 points WINS 500 Gold
9 – COL. SILANCE L39 with 313 points WINS 500 Gold
10 – =M=E=R=L=I=N= L66 282 points WINS 500 Gold

  • Evil Machine Killers 2 – 4,081 Points

1 – COL. EGYTP L39 with 1583 points WINS 300 Gold
2 – johne L39 with 1169 points WINS 300 Gold
3 – Ashraf L39 with 550 points WINS 300 Gold
4 – Abdllah L39 with 548 points WINS 300 Gold
5 – COL. عطيه L38 with 450 points WINS 300 Gold
6 – FIRELAVA L32 with 400 points WINS 300 Gold
7 – COL. ROMGIE L39 with 393 points WINS 300 Gold
8 – GEN. thedark L50 with 384 points WINS 300 Gold
9 – GEN. DaniEla L50 with 343 points WINS 300 Gold
10 – t-h-o-o-k L39 with 319 points WINS 300 Gold

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DV: Welcome to Season 15! Sniper L2 Unit Equipment, and more – July 9th Patch Notes