This week in Thunder Run:

“Tempest” Battle Replay Contest Winners

The Tempest Event has come to close, and all the Battle Replays have been reviewed. Here’s your list of winners:

PlayerScore (Time Steps)Replay Link
1. 尺丨ᐯ乇尺爪卂ㄚ卂
*Wins 2,000 Gold, 200k ONP or Hardware, YouTube Feature
285[Replay Link]
2. Xer₮z
*Wins 1,000 Gold, 100k ONP or Hardware
368[Replay Link]
3. Bastian
*Wins 750 Gold, 75k ONP or Hardware
396[Replay Link]
4. Rere
*Wins 50k ONP or Hardware
422[Replay Link]
5. Mujeeb
*Wins 50k ONP or Hardware
423[Replay Link]
6. –TemptedBoss
*Wins 50k ONP or Hardware
429[Replay Link]
7. -SimWar-
*Wins 50k ONP or Hardware
457[Replay Link]
8. Hสrຮh
*Wins 50k ONP or Hardware
468[Replay Link]
9. Clark
*Wins 50k ONP or Hardware
548[Replay Link]
*Wins 50k ONP or Hardware
553[Replay Link]

Due to the low number of replay submissions where players used boosts/repair kits, we won’t be having a separate leaderboard and prize bracket for these criteria.

Congratulations, Commanders! And good hunting in the season end tournaments! New YouTube Video to help show off the winning replays is coming soon.

TR: “Tempest” Battle Replay Contest Winners