New this week in Days of Valor:

Voice of the Commander Updates

We’re celebrating with a quality-of-life update based on your player feedback that’s intended to address a few of the issues and suggestions that you’ve brought forth to us via the “Voice of the Commander” trackers. Don’t see the update you were hoping for in this week’s release? Fear not, as there is still plenty more to come.

Deactivate your mines

We have heard your feedback loud and clear, and now, it is possible to disable minefields.

You can now disable your minefields during single-player AI attacks if you wish. This will automatically remove itself if you log out, or can be removed any time you want by clicking the status indicator icon and choosing “Remove” or clicking “Manage” on any mine and then clicking “Enable Minefields”

“Disable minefield” (or “Enable” if currently disabled) button at the bottom
Status indicator when mines are disabled

Known issue: When building new mines, the “Disable/Enable mine” button overlaps with the progress bar. This will be fixed really soon.

Hardware bundle bug fix and extension

Some players have pointed out that they were not getting the hardware bundle Christmas sale that started running last week. Our team has identified the issue and has pushed a hotfix that should fix it for all players within 24 hours.

Not only that, we’ll be extending the hardware bundle sale for one more week!

M4A1 Transport and Elite M4A1 Transport Updates

In preparation for customizable loadouts that we’ll be rolling out in the near future, we’ve made small changes to the M4A1 Transport and Elite M4A1 Transport units.

Particularly, the M4A1 Transport will have its special troops default back to stock Riflemen, and the Elite M4A1 Transport units are defaulted to Elite Riflemen. The Elite M4A1 Transport has also been given a slight damage increase.

Some may see this as a nerf, but don’t fret, commander! Customizable loadouts are coming and it’ll be worth it!

Upgrade/Unlock mouse-wheel support

And that’s not all, Commander! Upgrade and unlock windows now support mouse-wheel scrolling. No more clicking on the arrows on the top left of those windows!

To see where the design team currently stands on various Community suggested features and game improvements, check out the Days of Valor Voice of the Commander Tracker.

We have some exciting news, announcements, and more waiting for you on our most recent edition of the Battlehouse Dev Blog.

Have new feedback to share? Let us know over in the “days-of-valor” channel within our Thunder Run Discord Server.

Good hunting, Commanders!

DV: Voice of the Commander Updates, Hardware bundle sale fix, and more – December 31st Patch Notes