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Voice of the Commander Updates

Greetings, Commanders!

The recent patches, include the TOC13 release have, admittedly, been a little rocky, and we do apologize for that. We are thankful for those who keep on providing feedback so we can continue to try and make these last few months as fun and memorable as we can for everyone. Please rest assured our teams are working really hard to address a few of the issues and suggestions that you’ve brought forth to us. But first, we’d like to address a recent issue that you may have already heard of.

Unrequested Refunds

It appears that the issue of unrequested refunds issue from back in July through August, which happened to other games on Facebook as well, has affected some players once again. We believe Facebook is working on it, so if you have a negative gold balance, just sit tight and don’t worry about it.

Tweaks of the Week

  • TOC 13 didn’t ship properly, but has been since manually deployed.
  • Power consumption issues upon TOC 13 release, causing generators to have lower output levels instantly. This has been fixed.
  • A base upgraded to the max now produces slightly more power than it consumes, with minor exceptions at TOC levels 1, 4, and 5, which you can quickly build past.
  • Build time has been obliterated for earlier tier buildings.
  • Build time is 30 minutes for support buildings at TOC 3-5, 60 minutes at TOC 6-8, and 4 hours at TOC 9-11. It stays at 5 days for TOC12 and 13. This should allow everyone to get their storage, harvesters, and power levels optimized very quickly.
  • Hardware Factory is now available
  • More Hardware can be found in Logistics Dispatch
  • Snipers, who have been reported to be OP, gets a range nerf, damage to buildings removed, reduce damage to vehicles and aircraft. Basically, no longer a guaranteed turret killer.
  • Snipers have been set to ignore barriers and treat buildings as their lowest priority target, and treat infantry as double priority.
  • TOW range has been slightly reduced, but gets a huge damage boost in return at max level.
  • Turret damage is now scaled on the same progression as units. Units are scaled against their consumed space. Turrets are scaled based on the number of total turrets available compared to the total unit space available at a tier, then modified based on their overall rarity.
  • Units get an HP and DPS boost across the board to make equips and mods more meaningful.
  • Vehicles get a speed boost across the board.
  • Heavy vehicles get an additional HP boost. Tanks get a further additional HP boost.|
  • The “weight” of a unit’s space when calculating its DPS and HP is now also weighed against the proportion of total space available. This means small, cheap early units have a shallower power growth curve, and more expensive big units get a steeper curve at higher levels.
  • For example:
    • Elite M1Abrams prepatch: HP 7719 min, 12431 max, speed 2.16 min, 2.16 max, range 229 min, 249 max, damage 560 min, 1756 max
    • Elite M1Abrams patched HP 5250 min, 14668 max, speed 2.5 min, 2.78 max, range 229 min, 249 max, damage 360 min, 1961 max
  • Bunker Buster gets 20% damage boost across the board, plus a further 20% boost against turrets. Other missiles will be looked at in the future
  • Generator grid size requirements were reduced from 14×14 to 10×10. The graphic was the size of a supply building, and the grid is now too. Players now have an extra 4×4 total map cells freed up per generator.
  • Stinger and eStinger now have the designation “Anti-Air” with an appropriate tooltip
  • New “Staging” button in Battalion management screen that acts as a temporary storage area so you can swap them in and out of a batt more easily. Swap mode and swap space persists through sessions by being saved in player preferences, but it does not affect actual batts in any way. It’s just an organizational tool.
  • More power issues affecting all harvesters and storage buildings are fixed.
  • TOC leader issue where it did not affect Hardware Factories is fixed
  • Issues with Ambush Points triggering a message despite them being empty is fixed.

One thing we would like to highlight: units are not supposed to be able to destroy towers without taking any damage. This was never were supposed to happen, but range inflation unfortunately made this possible. Use “Tanks” to soak up turret damage.

More tweaks incoming! Please do share your feedback over on ourin the “days-of-valor” channel within our Official Discord Server as it helps a lot in speeding up the adjustment process.

Good hunting, Commanders!

DV: Voice of the Commander – November 17th Patch Notes