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Voice of the Commander Updates

Greetings, Commanders!

Our team has continued, and will continue, making tweaks to the new systems so as to make it easier for everyone to participate in our “Grand Finale.”

We are again thankful for those who keep on providing feedback so we can continue to try and make these last few months as fun and memorable as we can for everyone. Here are some changes to address a few of the issues and suggestions that you’ve brought forth to us.

Tweaks of the Week

  • Splash area was too small that units are often unable to hit moving targets. Splash area has been doubled.
  • Reduced HP penalty for DPS units by 20%
  • Nerfed AI unit damage and HP.
  • Slight boost to unit damage and HP for all player units.
  • All other maps have closed. There are now only two maps.
    • Tournament Map: Strongpoint Quarries now award combat bonuses in addition to quarry yield and text bonuses.
    • Non-Tournament Map: Free base damage protection is now awarded more frequently.
  • Due to PvP issues at higher levels, security teams from leader items have had their HP and DPS nerfed. Since single player AI attackers have reduced HP and DPS compared to players, this should have minimal effect on the difficulty of single-player and bring the defenses of bases in PvP closer in line with what people are used to.
  • When units are selected a group, their speed is modified so they will stay closer together. As soon as they are no longer in a group they regain their normal speed.
    • Group speed works this way: The difference between the speed of the slowest and largest is divided by the size of the group. The group then gets the minimum speed plus this, or +5%, whichever is smaller.
    • The reason for this is to make it always worthwhile to group units, but not allow really slow units to travel super-rapidly around the map by also selecting an ultra-fast unit.


  • Client: Will take another crack at improving targeting when a unit can do no damage. Snipers currently refuse to target buildings at all. They are meant to never select a building on their own.
  • Combat Balance: Will be continuing evaluation of difficulty attacking and defending. Have made new script to instantly rework a base at a higher or lower TOC tier in order to test different difficulties.
  • Content:
    • The “Apocalypse” event is in the works.
    • Reduced costs of TOC leader upgrades (will require a TOC leader promotion token instead of merging, reduced time and resources to upgrade).
    • Reducing XP requirements for player levels so everyone has a chance to get to max level before the end.
  • De-Monetization: We will be further increasing speed bonuses given by gold/alloy. Pre-closure announcement, you got crafting, repairs, upgrades, etc sped up by 3 minutes per gold/alloy. Currently, these get sped up by 6 minutes per gold/alloy. This will increase to 9 minutes on 12/1. Resource harvest rates will be increased on 12/1. The maximum craft/research/upgrade/etc time will also be reduced by 24 hours on 12/1.

More tweaks incoming! Please do share your feedback over on ourin the “days-of-valor” channel within our Official Discord Server as it helps a lot in speeding up the adjustment process.

Good hunting, Commanders!

DV: Voice of the Commander – November 24th Patch Notes