New this week in Days of Valor:

Updated Unit Models

The Days of Valor Community has spoken, and we hear you loud and clear! The vast majority of you enjoy the new unit models that dastardly General Bischoff brought with him into Gundar at the start of Season 7, but some of you have been having some trouble telling some of the new World World War II inspired unit models apart from one another.

In response to all the good Community Feedback we’ve received over these last few weeks, updated unit models are now available for 2 of the most popular previously released WWII unit models: the M4 Mortar, and the Panzerwerfer, along with both of their Elite counterparts.

Take a look at the changes here:

Updated Unit Models – M4 Mortar, Panzerwerfer

Have further feedback to share about Days of Valor WWII Unit Models? Let us know on the Battlehouse Community Forums.

Good hunting, Commanders!

DV: Updated Unit Models – August 2nd Patch Notes