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Professional YouTube Streamer and leader of the Battlehouse Stream Team Macgyver7th has been given exclusive early access to the upcoming Tactical Ops Center Level 11. Want to know more about what to expect in tomorrow’s Patch Notes? Macgyver7th will be sharing with you everything he knows in his YouTube / Twitch Livestream!

Have feedback to share on recent updates or new features you’d like to see us work towards in the future? Community Manager “Commander Cameron” will be active in the live chat of Macgyver7th’s YouTube stream as “Battlehouse” to answer all your breaking questions. Tune in to Macgyver7th’s Livestream now!

Link to Livestream: https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=gnsSiuoi3_4&feature=share

TR: Macgyver7th’s TOCL11 Pre-Release Livestream