New this week in Firestrike:

New Map

Map 301 is now active on! Players are invited to enter the new map starting today.

Note: Quarries will spawn in small numbers at first, then increase as more players move in. The number of Quarries will grow to track the player population.

Turret and Unit Diversity

To encourage more use of diverse turret and unit types, the differences between the “Damage vs.” strengths of turret weapons are now greater.

  • MG Turret: Was +15% vs. infantry and -15% vs. air, now +50% vs. infantry and -50% vs. air
  • Rocket Turret: Was +15% vs. armor and -15% vs. infantry, now +50% vs. armor and -50% vs. infantry
  • Flak Turret: Was +15% vs. air and -15% vs. armor, now +50% vs. air and -50% vs. armor

This means that you can build a customized army to maximize power and minimize losses against specific turret types you find in Single Player and Multiplayer battles. Plus, during upcoming AI attacks against your base, you can equip specific turret weapons to more easily defeat the attack waves.

Hint: Newly-spawned Quarries and certain Single Player enemies concentrate on one single type of unit or turret, making them vulnerable to a planned attack using the right unit type.

Good hunting, Commanders!

Firestrike: New Map, Plus Turret Updates