New today in Firestrike:

As announced earlier this week, we are rolling out increased loot rewards for AI bases on the Multiplayer map today, plus other improvements:

Balance Updates

  • Grab those resources! AI bases on the Multiplayer map — meaning enemies like Gashi, Mandel, Cyclops, etc — now give significantly more loot.
    • Increases range from 20-100% depending on level.
    • There is a very small increase to unit resource consumption at TOC Levels 8-15 to preserve the target PvE gain/loss ratio, but this is a smaller change than the AI loot boost.

Game Interface Updates

  • Most AI-controlled bases now display an estimate of the available Supply, Fuel, and Hardware loot in the Attack → Single Player and Map menus.
  • When attacking an enemy of lower level than you, a new on-screen message displays the amount of level-based reduction in resource loot.
    • There has always been a loot penalty when attacking lower-level enemies; this message just explains the reason for the current amounts you are seeing.
  • The Single Player menu has been updated to show more info about difficulty and loot from AI enemies, and to better highlight recommended challenges. Our post from earlier this week explains the details.
    • There is no change to loot or availability of Single Player enemies this week; only the user interface has been tweaked.
  • The Attack → “Multiplayer” button has been renamed “Map & Multiplayer”
  • The Clan History tab on the Player Info menu now displays the name of the officer responsible for inviting or kicking a member.

Good hunting, commanders!

Firestrike – October 19 Patch Notes