Congratulations to all who took part in the Insider event in Firestrike. We look forward to bringing you more special events in the future!

Here are the latest player stats for the greatest number of Prize Tokens looted of each type, as of the end of the event.

Note: The next event after Insider will feature a separate in-game leaderboard for each token type.

Emerald Tokens

Player Emerald Tokens Looted
bot1 L15 42,335
Ducky L15 8,671
chaos L13 4,230

Gold Tokens

Player Gold Tokens Looted
bot1 L15 24,080
chaos L13 18,423
Jane L10 2,000
Ragin Cajun L10 1,020

Silver Tokens

Player Silver Tokens Looted
Reaper L9 29,327
Dennis L9 24,455
SHELBY L10 22,740
Sgt Skyflakes L8 22,555
oatmeal heals L8 22,366

Bronze Tokens

Player Bronze Tokens Looted
Brady L8 24,774
LightNDark L7 22,900
Azis.527 L7 22,000
Brice L7 17,250
Firestrike Prize Token Leaderboard, Final