We’re deploying a few changes today to smooth out the transition from Single Player to map-based resource gathering in Firestrike:

  • All players active this week will receive 3x 12-hour and 1x 1-day shield items to use at your convenience.
  • For a limited time (at least through October 5), AI enemies on the regional map now contain +30% greater resource loot than normal.
    • This applies to all AI enemies that re-spawn on the map throughout this week, Sept 28-Oct 5.
  • We’ve doubled the number of Tier 3, 7, and 11 resource quarries on the map.
  • For a limited time, auto-resolve has been disabled, while we work on improving balance for battalion-vs-battalion combat.
  • To counter unexpectedly high inflow of Battalion Jump items, the day-7 login reward will be changed from 5 Battalion Jumps to 3 Battalion Jumps.

Trending Issues

We are actively monitoring the situation around +/- level limits in PvP. As we analyze more battle logs, we may apply more changes to balance high-level vs. low-level PvP combat, and ensure that low-level players can hunt for enough resources to keep their upgrades moving, while high-level players still have an array of worthy enemies to attack.

Good hunting, Commanders!

Firestrike Season 2 Updates – September 28 Patch Notes