Thursday, Feb 16: Welcome to the second special event in Firestrike!

Scientist-gone-bad Anneka Harding returns to Gundar in a one-week scramble to defeat Single-Player and Multiplayer Map bases before time runs out.

Each of Harding’s special-event bases gives Prize Tokens which can be redeemed in the Store for exclusive rare items. Prize Tokens will only be available until the end of the event, February 23!

New Prize Tokens

The Vengeance event is available at three difficulty levels: Bronze (TOC L4), Silver (TOC L7), and Gold (TOC L10). Bronze-level bases give Bronze Prize Tokens as loot, Silver-level bases give Silver Prize Tokens, and Gold-level bases give – you guessed it – Gold Prize Tokens.

The more powerful event rewards require higher-level prize tokens. For example, the BRDM-3 can only be purchased with Silver tokens and the Mi-24D Hind can only be purchased with Gold tokens.

Higher-level prize tokens can be exchanged in the Store for lower-level tokens, so you can purchase more rewards in case you’ve finished the event at your level and have tokens left over.

New Rewards This Week

In addition to a return of the Stinger Gunner for TOC Level 4-7 players, this week marks the release of two new units for higher-level players:

BRDM-3 – Anti-Infantry Unit for TOC L7-9

Mi-24D Hind – Anti-Armor Unit for TOC L10+

Event Tips

During the Single-Player sequence, the 8th and final base gives many more Prize Tokens than earlier bases.

You can see the exact Prize Token reward amounts for upcoming Single-Player bases on the “progress” screen after conquering each base.

For veterans of Thunder Run and Days of Valor, please note the following differences in the Vengeance event system:

  • The Single-Player portion of the event can be played more than once. After the final stage is defeated, it resets back to the first stage, and can be fought again for more Prize Tokens.
  • Prize Token amounts are “back-loaded” – the final stage of the Single-Player event gives a very large amount of Tokens relative to the others. This rewards players for fighting through all the levels.

We’re eager to hear your feedback – please join the discussion in Clan HQ!

Firestrike: Vengeance Special Event