New this week in Firestrike:

More Landmine Improvements

Watch your step, Firestrikers! We’ve made some more much desired improvements to Landmines:

Updates include:

  • Landmine damage has been increased by 565%.
  • Landmine detonation range has been significantly reduced at higher levels.
  • Landmine splash damage has been tightened.
    • Previously, Landmines were originally intended to be 3x as powerful as a Turret, but this failed to take into account that mines get a single shot before they’re gone. This being said: Mines are now 20x as powerful as a Turret.

Like what you see? Let us know! Mines require extremely careful balancing to find that perfect balance of making them fun and powerful for everyone without being too over-powered, so we’ll be monitoring player feedback and battle replays closely and may adjust things further down the road if deemed necessary. 

Good hunting, Firestrikers!

FS: More Landmine Improvements – August 1st Patch Notes