New this week in Thunder Run:

Level 14 Javelin Gunner

Tanks on the horizon, and it’s raining missiles, hallelujah! Our Javelin Gunner crews have hit the gym and retooled their launchers. Their combat effectiveness has never been higher.

As with the previous infantry level increases, your L14 Javelin Gunners will feature improved stats and no increase in battalion space requirements. As with any improvement in power, there is an increase in cost, production time, and repair time.

Hop on over to the Hardware Store to unlock these, while supplies last! They’ll be back again next week, but why wait? Let the enemy tankers enjoy a little misery, courtesy of your new L14 Javelin Gunners.

L13 -> L14 Javelin Gunner Stats

Alpha L4 Security Team Updates

We’ve made some tweaks to the Alpha Force class of Level 4 Security Teams. Units that deploy when a building is approached are now called “Response Teams”, while units that deploy when a building is destroyed will remain as “Security Teams”. Alpha Force now has both a Response Team (the previously-existing deployment) and a Security Team. The Security Team will persist even if the attacking enemy retreats.

The L4 members of the Alpha Force Security Team will now deploy a half-strength version of the Security Team, but because they persist when the enemy retreats – the updated Security Team still receives an effective 50% boost in total power.

Have feedback to share about this week’s releases? Let us know over on our Thunder Run Discord Server.

Good hunting, Commanders!

TR: Level 14 Javelin Gunner, Alpha L4 Security Team Updates – August 1st Patch Notes