New this week in Firestrike:

Assassin Mine

Watch your step, Firestrikers! The Assassin Mine is here!

  • Available for bases with Level 10 TOC and higher
  • Deals massive damage to Sappers, and low damage to other units
  • 3x harder for Sappers to detect
Assassin Mine

More Game improvements

And that’s not all, Commander! As a response to some Discord suggestions, we’ve added New Security Team Behavior Toggles.

  • Set security team behaviors for each building and for any class of units that has security teams or response teams.
  • Cycle through behaviors through an at-a-glance indicator of the security/response team’s aggression level
    • A – Attack units in aggro radius
    • H – Hold Position
    • R – Relentlessly Pursue

Like what you see, or have more awesome feedback to share? Let us know over in the “firestrike” channel within our TR Discord Server.

Mines require extremely careful balancing to find that perfect balance of making them fun and powerful for everyone without being too over-powered, so we’ll be monitoring player feedback and battle replays closely and may adjust things further down the road if deemed necessary. 

Good hunting, Firestrikers!

FS: New Assassin Mines, and more – July 2nd Patch Notes