IMPORTANT NOTE: We apologize for the premature announcement made this morning in Thunder Run and Days of Valor regarding the new release of Heavy Anti-Tank Mines. Rest assured, the following will be coming sometime in the next couple weeks. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding!

~Battlehouse Community

Coming Soon: New Landmine Type

Gundar arms industries have developed a new Heavy Anti-Tank Mine that will only detonate when approached by the heaviest ground vehicles.

Unlike the standard Anti-Tank Mine, this heavy version cannot be triggered prematurely by light vehicles such as HMMWVs or Strykers.

To unlock the new mines, visit your local Weapons Lab and open the Unlock & Upgrade Menu!

Vehicle Classification

To check whether a unit will trigger Heavy Anti-Tank Mines, check for the word “Light” or “Heavy” under the unit’s name in the Army → Train menu. Light units will not set off Heavy Anti-Tank Mines, but heavy units will.

Light Armor Heavy Armor
M1064A3 Mortar
Stryker ICV (Normal & Elite)
Gaz Tigr (Normal & Elite)
BTR-90 (Normal & Elite)
BRDM-3 (Normal & Elite)
Truck Bomb (Normal & Elite)
M109 Paladin
M2 Bradley
M1 Abrams
BMP-1 (Normal & Elite)
TOS-1A (Normal & Elite)
MSTA (Normal & Elite)
T-90 (Normal & Elite)
DoV Units:
M4A1 Mortar
M8 Greyhound
SdKfz 234 (Normal & Elite)
DoV Units:
M4A2 Sherman
M26 Pershing
Panzer IV (Normal & Elite)

Good hunting, Commanders!

Coming Soon: Heavy Anti-Tank Mines