New this week in Thunder Run and Days of Valor:

Unit Stat Upgrades

  • The Elite OH-58 and Elite Rifleman now feature individually-upgradable Health and Damage stats, similar to other elite units.
  • All Infantry with upgradable Health and Damage stats can now have those stats upgraded to Level 6, for a +20% bonus above the base strength.
    • These Level 6 stat upgrades require Unit Stat Blueprints, available for ONP in a new section of the Event Prizes store.

Other Unit Improvements

  • The Elite Rifleman, BMP-1, and MQ-8B now have 10% greater HP at all levels.
    • This is in addition to the 10% HP already added to these units in the June 29 update.
  • The Elite BMP-1 now has 50-80% greater HP at all levels.
  • The BMP-1 now features stronger security teams at Level 10 and above:
    • Level 10: Combat Engineer added to the security team
    • Levels 13-15: Sapper is now the security team, instead of Combat Engineer
  • (Thunder Run only): The Elite MQ-8B gains 30-50% greater HP at all levels (now matching this unit’s current stats in DoV).

Good hunting, Commanders!

Unit Stat Improvements