New this week in Thunder Run and Days of Valor:

Elite Stryker

Unlock the latest new unit to power your mobile battalions! The Elite Stryker has undergone DVH and ECP upgrade programs, adding thicker Double V-Hull protective armor and a new 450-horsepower engine for greater mobility. Plus, stronger surface-to-surface firepower rounds it out as a superior light armored vehicle.

Stats for Levels 1 and 15 below:

Elite Stryker stats

Correction Sept 26: an earlier version of this image showed the Elite Stryker having some effectiveness vs. air units. This is incorrect; like most other armor units, the Elite Stryker is not able to hit flying targets.

Unit Improvements

Several other units gain more defensive toughness this week:

  • Elite Rifleman now has 45%+ more HP at all levels
  • Elite OH-58 now has 20-22% more HP at all levels
  • BRDM-3 now has 20-25% more HP at all levels
  • Truck Bomb now has 15-20% more HP at all levels
  • MQ-8B now has 9-16% more HP at all levels

Good hunting, Commanders!

Elite Styker, New Unit Improvements – September 21 Update