We are thrilled to see an ever-increasing number of players reach the highest TOC levels in Thunder Run!

From time to time, as the player base advances, we need to update the game rules to keep up.

Since more than two years ago, players who are level 30 or higher have been subject to attack by any other player, including those many levels above them. In 2015, this was fine because there were very few super-advanced players who could dominate a L30 base. But today, there are now significantly more high-level players, plus new offensive units and upgrades released over the last two years that carry more firepower than ever before. The L30 player of today stands in a relatively weaker spot, compared to the average enemy, than the L30 player of 2015.

Therefore, we are updating the level at which you become open to attack by all players from level 30 to level 33. This change takes effect starting with the opening of Season 6 on February 9th at 1700GMT.

After the change, we’ll watch closely to make sure the new level limits are working as well as possible. We know this change will slightly reduce the number of low-level targets available for L35+ players to attack, so we’ll be watching out to make sure the downside is limited.

In case you’re curious what kind of analysis led us to make this update, check out this graph showing the relative population of players at TOC levels 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. In 2015, a TOC level 5 player was at about the 50th percentile of combat power, but today you need to be an advanced TOC L6 player or early TOC L7 player to be in the more powerful half of the game world!

Changing trends in player TOC levels over time

Don’t forget that this week is the final Clan tournament of Season 5!

New PvP Level Limits for Thunder Run Season 6