Thunder Run: War of Clans:

  • The Elite Ka-50, Elite TOS-1A, Elite T-90, Elite BMP-1, Elite MSTA, and Elite Mi-24D now have 20-100% higher combat stats and take 20-30% less time to repair.
  • The Combat Engineer, Sapper, Truck Bomb, Elite Truck Bomb, Ka-50, MSTA, BMP-1, Mi-24D, T-90, and TOS-1A now take 20-50% less time to repair.

Days of Valor:

  • BRDM-3, Elite BRDM-3, BMP-1, Elite HZ-9, and MQ-8B now have 100% higher HP, plus upgrades from Level 2 now have lower Maintenance Bay and Maintenance Hangar requirements.
Patch Note: July 27, 2016