As some players noticed, there was a temporary change to the pattern of strongpoint quarries on the map during the most recent game patches in Thunder Run and Days of Valor.

This post is to clarify that we are not making any major changes to strongpoints, and that strongpoint quarries will return to normal within a couple of days.

  • Above-ground strongpoints will return shortly. During the patch deployment, the quarry system temporarily spawned only under-ground cave strongpoints. This is now fixed, and above-ground strongpoints will return soon.
  • The number of strongpoints on each map will return back to 11. Similar to what happened with the above-ground strongpoints, there was a temporary lowering of the total number of strongpoints, but the number will rise back to normal shortly.
  • Minor changes will remain: turrets inside of strongpoint quarries now have slightly different levels (+/- 1 level) and weapon types, and the layout of buildings in strongpoints has been tweaked. These are balance adjustments to prepare for some upcoming improvements to the quarry system.
  • Check back for more info about new quarry features soon!

    Strongpoint Quarry Update