This week Thunder Run features a Clan Tournament, followed by the opening of Season 7!

Season 6 Finale Tournament

From July 6-13, rally your clan and head to the regional map for your chance to be the strongest clan of Season 6!

Tournament ends on July 13, 2017 at 1700 GMT, at which point winners will be announced, prizes awarded, and leaderboards will be reset for the new season.

Season 7 Opens: July 13

Season 7 will begin immediately after the end of the tournament. The following changes are planned for Season 7:

  • The “shark tank” level at which players can be attacked by anyone will rise from Level 33 to Level 39. This change gives Level 36-38 players protection against attacks from higher-level enemies.
  • Two new maps, Maps 608 and 609, will open to all players.
  • Four older maps will be retired: Maps 203, 206, 223, and 225.

Good hunting, Commanders!

(updated July 8: the list of maps to be closed was incorrect. It is fixed now)

Thunder Run Season 7 News