New this week in Thunder Run and Days of Valor:

Tactical Ops Center Level 10

More power for advanced Commanders! The TOC now upgrades to Level 10, unlocking a variety of new upgrades for your military forces.

New unlocks include:

  • Generator now upgrades to L16 for more power
  • Fuel and Supply Yards now upgrade to L12 for more resources
  • Fuel and Supply Depots now upgrade to L14 for more storage
  • Weapon Lab L13 now unlocks Quadmount, C-RAM, FASCAM, Artillery, and HEL Laser turrets to L20
  • Anti-Infantry, Anti-Armor, and Anti-Aircraft Mines now upgrade to higher levels
  • Reserves Bay now upgrades to L11 for more army space

Good hunting, Commanders!

TOC Level 10