New this week in Thunder Run:

Elite Unit Improvements

The following units have been updated with stronger stats:

  • Elite TOS-1A: +30% Damage at all levels
  • Elite BTR-90: +30% Damage at all levels
  • Elite MSTA: +30% HP at all levels
  • Elite BRDM-3: +30% HP at all levels
  • Elite Truck Bomb: 10-30% faster training speed at all levels

Hit List Update

  • The Hit List will now have a brief daily “downtime” between 1630 and 1700 GMT. Each day’s hit list bases will expire at 1630 GMT and the next day’s bases will start to appear at 1700 GMT. This fixes an accounting issue where Valor points earned in battles that were still in progress during the 1700 GMT reset were credited to the next day.

Bug Fixes

  • On C-RAM and Elevated HEL turret weapons, the anti-missile intercept chance no longer decreases at Level 11+.
  • “Mount a … Weapon” missions now correctly recognize Level 11+ turret weapons as completing the mission goal.

Daily Login Reward Update

  • Short-term combat loot boosts in the Daily Login reward system have been replaced by a random selection of missiles, shields, resources, or instant repair items. The new rewards are easier to use because they do not expire within 1 day like the old combat loot boosts.

Good hunting, Commanders!

Thunder Run: Elite Unit Improvements, Fixes & Updates – January 12 Patch Notes