New this week in Thunder Run:

More Loot from Tempest

All Tempest bases on the Map are now packed with 50% more loot than before. Earn up to 40,000 ONP, 2.4 million Fuel, and 2.4 million Supply for a full kill of a Tempest L38 base!

Map Base Fuel/Supply Loot ONP Loot
Tempest L26 1.1m/1.1m 15,000
Tempest L30 1.8m/1.8m 20,000
Tempest L34 2.2m/2.2m 30,000
Tempest L38 2.4m/2.4m 40,000

Turret Blueprint Sale

Artillery sale

Discover big discounts on selected turret blueprints throughout this week’s special event!

Level 11-12 and Level 13-14 blueprints:

  • MG Tower50% Off
  • Mortar50% Off
  • TOW Missile Launcher50% Off

Level 11-12 blueprints:

  • FASCAM50% Off
  • M45 Quadmount50% Off
  • C-RAM50% Off
  • HEL Laser50% Off
  • Artillery50% Off

Check StoreEvent PrizesTurret Weapons for details.

Good hunting, Commanders!

TR: Tempest Loot Up, Turret Blueprint Sale – March 8-17