New this week in Thunder Run:

Anti-Infantry Mine Buffs

Commander, our base defenses have always had difficulty standing up to massed enemy units. There’s a long, hard road ahead of us to reach a level playing field, but our engineers have boosted the Anti-Infantry Mine’s effectiveness.

Starting at level 11, mine damage, trigger range, and blast radius have all received a major upgrade. I’d like to see the enemy crawl through our defenses when their legs have been blown off… on second thought, I think I’d rather not see that…

Stats Breakdown:

  • Level 11-16 Anti-Infantry Mine trigger ranges have all been boosted by 10%
  • Level 11-16 Anti-Infantry Mine splash radius has been boosted by 5% across the board.
  • Level 11-16 Anti-Infantry Mine damage levels have been adjusted to compete with elite infantry available at equivalent TOC and research research building levels.

The Level 11 Anti-Infantry Mine requires aLevel 5 TOC and a Level 10 Weapons Lab. The Level 16 Anti-Air Mine requires TOC level 10 TOC and a Level 13 Weapons Lab. Your workers are standing by, Commander.

TR: L11-L16 Anti-Infantry Mine Buffs – October 25th Patch Notes