ISSUE RESOLVED: Ambush Point Limits are now upgradeable in the “Ambushes” tab within the “Unlock & Upgrade” menu of the Weapons Lab.

Right now in Thunder Run:

Hello Commanders,

We are aware of an issue with today’s Ambush Point and Strike Teams release that is preventing some of you from upgrading your ‘Ambush Point Limit’ above Level 1. The Weapons Lab is supposed to contain a new Ambushes tab that should be giving you all access to the Ambush Point Limit upgrades.

The team is actively working towards a fix, and we hope to get things working for you all very soon. Thanks in advance for your patience, and good hunting!

Looking for some help on how to place an Ambush Point and assign your first Strike Team? Check out this demo on our YouTube channel that walks you through the process:

TR: Known Issue – ‘Ambush Point Limit’ Upgrades