New this week in Thunder Run:

Elite Mortarman L6+ Stat Mods

The Elite Mortarman L6+ Stat Mod Blueprint is now available in the Event Prizes store, allowing you to upgrade the Elite Mortarman’s Health, Damage, Mine Defense, and Blast Defense stats to Level 6. Unlock the blueprint as part of this week’s ONP Event by spending ONP in the Event Prizes store!

Level 15 Warehouse

Did you enjoy our last round of quality of life upgrades to the Warehouse last month? More updates to the Warehouse are here! Effective today: upgrade your Warehouse to Level 15 to boost your item space storage to a whopping 100 items.

And we’re still not done with the Warehouse yet! Stay tuned for even more Warehouse “quality of life” upgrades coming soon!

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Good hunting, Commanders!

TR: Elite Mortarman L6+ Stat Mods, Level 15 Warehouse – July 25th Patch Notes