New this week in Thunder Run:

Level 12 Tactical Ops Center

Happy Halloween! Your architects have been hard at work, Commander. In addition to a sharply-worded requisition order for more coffee, they’ve delivered the upgrade plans for the next Tactical Ops Center expansion. It seems like only yesterday we were huddled together in tents.

Tick-Tock! The TOC now upgrades to Level 12, unlocking a variety of new upgrades for your military forces!

New features include:

  • Fuel & Supply Yards are now upgradeable to L15.
  • Fuel & Supply Depots are now upgradeable to L17.
  • Generators are now upgradeable to L21.
  • The Vault is now upgradeable to L23.
  • The Transmitter is now upgradeable to L12.
  • TOC Weapons are here! Scroll down to the next section to learn more.
  • Coming Soon: Increased level caps for some of your favorite units and their coo-responding production buildings, along with more exciting and explosive content heading your way throughout the rest of the season.

You’ll need a lot of resources to upgrade your Tactical Operations Center to level 12. Better beef up your security teams so your enemies don’t sniff around for easy prey.

We’ll be sure to caffeinate your architects for you, Commander. That requisition order was just shy of a death threat.

TOC Weapons

Did you see that fancy new turret head on top of the Tactical Ops Center in the banner above? It’s time to turn your TOC into a defense machine, because TOC Weapons are here! Now available in the ONP Store for players with TOC12:

  • TOC LRAD Weapon – This sonic weapon disorients and confuses enemy troops.
  • TOC HEL Weapon – This scientific breakthrough can blind all units and defend against incoming missiles.

To equip your TOC Weapons: purchase the blueprints in the ONP Store during an ONP Event week, activate the blueprints from your Warehouse, and then click on your TOC followed by “Change Weapon” similar to how you would if you were arming a turret head to a turret emplacement.

These TOC weapons are currently upgradeable to L10, so be sure to check out the “Weapons” section of your Weapons Lab for upgrade options.

Pictured Above: L12 TOC sporting an L1 TOC HEL Weapon

User Interface Update

And that’s not all, Commanders! Oooh, no- That is not all. We’ve been hearing community feedback loud and clear, and one game improvement that’s been a common suggestion from you the players for a long time now has been giving you guys the ability to close or hide some of the in-game menus that take up lots of valuable screen space. Guess what? We’ve delivered. Effective as of earlier this week:

  • Click the “down” arrow in the bottom left of your game window to hide your trusty advisor Candace.
  • Click the “down” arrow in the bottom middle of your game window to hide your friends bar.
  • Click the “down” arrow in the bottom right of your game window to hide weekly event information.
    • All of these elements can be brought back by clicking the “up” arrows that remain, and the bottom left arrow will flash if Candace has any new messages for you that require your attention.

Have feedback to share about this week’s releases? Let us know over on our Thunder Run Discord Server.

Good hunting, Commanders!

TR: Level 12 Tactical Ops Center and more – October 31st Patch Notes