New this week in Thunder Run:

Voice of the Commander Updates

🐲 Happy Lunar New Year, Commanders! πŸ‰

We’re celebrating with a quality-of-life update based on your player feedback that’s intended to address a few of the issues and suggestions that you’ve brought forth to us via the “Voice of the Commander” trackers. Don’t see the update you were hoping for in this week’s release? Fear not, as there is still plenty more to come.

For a sneak peak at what’s coming up this season in Battlehouse games, check out the Developer Roadmap in the most recent edition of the Battlehouse Dev Blog.

FASCAM Shield/Repair Kit Updates

As first noted in the January 9th Patch Notes, FASCAM Shields and Repair Kits are no longer available in the store. The units that could previously equip these now get the same benefit from Ballistic Armor. If you have these outdated items, you can trade them in for a refund during this event. If you had the achievement and didn’t keep your outdated items, an automatic refund will be applied. Enjoy!

Health Bar Color Updates

Players across all Battlehouse games have been requesting more visual cues about the health of units and buildings, and this week we’re here to deliver. Health bar colors have been updated to the following scheme:

  • Buildings, units, and battalions with health at 0% to 10% will have a red health bar.
  • Buildings, units, and battalions with health at 10% to 50% will have an orange health bar.
  • Buildings, units, and battalions with health at 50% to 75% will have a yellow health bar.
  • Buildings, units, and battalions with health at 75% to 100% will have a green health bar.

More Game Improvements

  • The Elite AH-1Z can no longer fire its missile if it starts the battle with less than 10% health. This is the same mechanic that keeps the BMP-1 and Elite BMP-1 from deploying their troops when severely damaged. Keep your Cobras repaired, Commander!
  • The space requirements for the Elite AH-64 have been reduced from 140 to 130.
  • Base defender size limits have been increased.
  • Battalion size limits have been increased.
  • Army size limits have been increased.
  • Achievements for L5 Leaders are here!
  • Nine achievements have been added for the Security Nodes. This system will be going away in the near future and will be replaced with a new craftable system. We’re adding these achievements to recognize the players who used the original system.
  • Hot Fix: Some Security Team Leader descriptions referred to a non-existent “HZ-9” unit. This has been corrected to Harbin Z-9W.

To see where the design team currently stands on various Community suggested features and game improvements, check out the Thunder Run Voice of the Commander Tracker (tracker will receive some clean-up and updates to formatting in the very near future).

Have new feedback to share? Let us know over on our Thunder Run Discord Server.

Good hunting, Commanders!

TR: Voice of the Commander Updates, and more – January 23rd Patch Notes