New this week in Thunder Run:

Level 16 Elite BRDM-3/Elite Truck Bomb

The Level 16 Elite BRDM-3 and Elite Truck Bomb are here.

As with the recent max unit level increases, your Level 16 Elite BRDM-3 and Elite Truck Bomb will feature improved stats and no increase in battalion space requirements. As with any improvement in power, there is an increase in cost, production time, and repair time.

The best part about it? No blueprints are required for upgrading. As long as you have TOC12 and the new building levels for your Academy and Barracks, you can upgrade away!

L15 -> L16 Elite BRDM-3 Stats
L15 -> L16 Elite Truck Bomb Stats

Game Improvements

And that’s not all, Commanders! Here’s a recap of the other “Voice of the Commander” centric game improvements we’ve made over the past 2 weeks:

  • Defense Booster Nodes are officially retired/refunded, and this week is your last chance to get the Range Booster Nodes if you want the achievement. Like the damage/defense booster nodes, and the legacy unit equips we recently retired, these items will become unavailable next Thursday. Unlike the legacy unit equips, the legacy Security Nodes will disappear without you needing to do anything. The new crafted node system will go up right after the last legacy items are refunded and removed.
  • The Settings Menu has been updated with two toggles for the Map Bookmarks. One allows you to show the bookmark number in front of each. The other allows you to turn off the “Created on” label.
  • Hotfix: The LRAD research was reporting that the TOC HEL had upgraded. It now correctly reports that the TOC LRAD upgraded.
  • Hotfix: Some lower-level leader upgrades were showing while upgrading a higher-level leader. This was a purely visual bug, as players could not actually upgrade to those levels. It has been corrected to only display un-upgraded leaders.

To see where the design team currently stands on various Community suggested features and game improvements, check out the Thunder Run Voice of the Commander Tracker (tracker will receive some clean-up and updates to formatting in the very near future).

For a sneak peak at what’s coming up down the road, check out the “Developer Roadmap” in the most recent edition of the Battlehouse Dev Blog.

Have new suggestions or feedback to share? Let us know over on our Thunder Run Discord Server.

Good hunting, Commanders!

TR: L16 Elite BRDM-3/Elite Truck Bomb, and more – February 27th Patch Notes