New this week in Thunder Run:

Rifleman L2 Unit Equipment

Gundar Arms Industries is rolling out more upgradeable weapons technologies. Purchase more Level 1 equipment sets in the ONP Store, and combine the parts in the Weapons Factory to make all new Level 2 sets!

  • Rifleman Laser Sights II – AN/PEQ-2 IR Laser Sight technology that increases range by 5%
  • Rifleman Ballistic Armor MK II – Improved kevlar that reduces damage taken by 10%
  • Rifleman GMC AP Ammunition II – The newest grade armor-piercing ammunition that increases damage by 10%
  • Also adds set bonuses to give Rifleman the 80% FASCAM shielding that the old shield equipment set had.

Collect the entire Level 2 Unit Equipment set to boost your Unit Equipment bonuses even higher!

Craftable Strike Teams

You can now craft your Strike Teams and Strike Squadrons from the Weapons Factory. Drop an ambush point on your base and choose which Strike Team to deploy on it!

  • All previously owned Strike Teams are now removed from your warehouses, and have been refunded in ONP during the week of May 14th – 23rd.
  • In the Minefield or Ambush Point management system, the stats of any item in the grid can be viewed by clicking on it.
  • Hovering over an ambush point shows the equipped Strike Team/Squadron and its level.
Strike Team Crafting Menu

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Good hunting, Commanders!

TR: Rifleman L2 Unit Equipment, and Craftable Strike Teams – May 28th Patch Notes